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Том и Екатерина

Trying to organize a wedding when you and your fiancé in different continents – is not an easy task!

Especially when you decided to do it in Russia 😊

Due to several reasons we decided to do our wedding in Moscow and all the British relatives were really excited to come and see mother land of the future daughter-in-law.
No chance to organize it by ourselves, when future wife is in the UAE and future husband is back at home in the UK.

We decided to approach a wedding agency — Darsy Wedding and were happy we actually did it!

Even though we were planning to invite around 30n guests, there were plenty things to finalize and follow and you want to be relaxed at your Big Day and not think about things that might go wrong.
Darsy wedding recommended good suppliers (photographer, English and Russian speaking host, florist, car, etc)
The job they did was efficient and professional, were on the phone from Day of planning till end of the banquet.

Some tips for you upcoming wedding:

We were glad we organized banquet at the hotel, where all the foreign and local guests were staying, as they could directly to their rooms and no problems with logistics;
Be very precise with florist, make sure the deliver the flowers you ordered and its worth seeing the actual flowers before the wedding.

Registry office: check time when they are closed for the break (usually 14:00-15:00), so your guests do not wait outside or in the car, especially if it is winter. And yes, in Zags number 4 you can bring a translator for your foreign half and the guests.
Well done to Roman and Daria @darsywedding for the fantastic arrangements and great support! Roman did a very good job staying till the end and ensuring everything is smooth and guests are happy!

  • Живое общение с приглашёнными.
  • Искренние, живые эмоции.
  • Исполнение самых любимых песен только для вас.
  • Широкий музыкальный репертуар.
  • Возможно организовывать конкурсы для гостей с привлечением кавер-группы и пр.

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